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Christmas light on my neighbours doorstep

Christmas Light

I took my camera out a few nights ago looking to shoot some Christmas lights. A few doors down my neighbours had strung lights on the railing of their steps. In the spirit of my recent photo projects, which are by and large blurry, I slowed my shutter speed to about 1/6th second and panned the camera to create these colourful results. The middle image was created using a wide aperture of f 2.8 and an unfocused lens to get bokeh. I love the way the overlapping areas in the circles of red, green, and blue light create cyan, magenta, and yellow.

I wish everyone a merry holiday and may your new year be bright!


The Glory of the Woods in Richmond, BC


After several months of work The Glory of the Woods is installed in the City of Richmond on No. 3 Road. Composed of 4 images each measuring six feet square mounted on 4 panels, (also called Art Columns), the pieces wrap around a concrete structure holding up the newest skytrain. The images are installed at Lansdowne station on the Canada Line. Inspired by Emily Carr’s paintings and writings on nature, each of the images depicts a tree located in Richmond. The images will be on display until May 2011.