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Tour de Delta

Svein Tuft – Tour de Delta 2010

Christian Meier – Tour de Delta 2010

Svein Tuft – Tour de Delta 2010

I don’t see myself as a photographer of people, let alone sports, but watching these guys road race is super exciting – more exciting than I ever imagined. The challenge comes from trying to capture the essence of their performance with my 105mm lens, equipment better suited to shooting flowers, an easier and decidedly slower subject. I know my equipment is not of the sports photography type but in the past I’ve elbowed my way in with all the press corps during the Olympics, so why not cover cycling’s BC Super Week?¬†And just so we’re all clear I still don’t shoot people.


Yaletown Grand Prix

Christian Meier, Yaletown Grand Prix 2010

Christian Meier at the Yaletown Grand Prix, Vancouver, Canada Day 2010

Svein Tuft leading the crowd, again

Svein Tuft leading the crowd

Svein Tuft approaching the finish line

Svein Tuft approaching the finish line