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Fruit Trees of the South Okanagan Valley

Blooming peach and cherry trees in Oliver, BC

Last week I set out on a self-assigned trip to photograph the orchards of the South Okanagan Valley. The farms in this area have innumerable groves of apricot, peach, cherry, and apple trees. I knew I would be arriving too early to catch the apple trees in bloom however the cherry and peach trees were blossoming everywhere. As we drove up and down highway 97 between Osoyoos and Oliver, row upon row of gorgeous colour swept past us. I set my shutterspeed to 1/10 second, rolled down my window and panned my camera to create the painterly effects. What I love about this technique is the unpredictable results. Sometimes my camera captures a telephone pole; sometimes, if we hit a pothole I get a blur of white that is completely unusable; and sometimes, I get these amazing painterly results.